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No Key combos with iCue


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Hi Guys

Hope you are all safe and well?


I have a strange issue with iCUE and unusable key combos with my K70 Lux RGB keyboard. I have no profiles set, I have only just installed with default options


If I have iCUE installed, I lose the ability to use ctrl+C and ctrl+v to cut and paste or ctrl+c to stop processes in terminal windows (very annoying), anything using crtl doesn't work..


If I uninstall iCUE, then everything works as expected.


If I unplug the keyboard and reset it using the ESC key, everything works until I reboot the PC and then the issue re-appears again.


I have a Dark Core mouse on the way tomorrow so it would be nice to get this sorted as I had this issue when I first bought my K70 LUX, gave up and just uninstalled the software..

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