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Trying for 13 fan config in 1000d


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I'm a little puzzled. I've built a number of systems for myself and others, but this one has me scratching my head.


Here's what I am working on:


Building a new system for myself (specs are in my profile). I am at a loss as to what series of fans to use. I'm torn between QL and ML RBGs. I have already swapped the trays so that the 8 x 120 MM is up top,


What I want to do:


3 x 140mm in the front on intake

8 x 120mm up top on exhaust (3 of which will be on a H150i radiator)

1 x 120mm out the back for exhaust

The other 120mm spot in the back will be taken up by the video card's AIO cooler.


I'm thinking I will need a 2nd commander pro daisy chained into the one that already comes with the case (of which 9 of the fans will be powered- the other 3 will use the AIO), and two lighting hubs to control the 12 fans.


Is this a reasonable setup, and which fan series would be a better fit?



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