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Corsair Glaive Pro calibrating error

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So today I foolishly decided to explore the ICUE software. I decided to calibrate my mouse to see what it did. When I calibrated it, my sense seemed different and off. However, in the settings it was fine. When I went to go control my recoil in different games, it was terrible. I used to have a dot for a spray and now its wonky. It's nowhere near where I used to be. I have been tweaking the dpi, however it wont work and get back to where it was. Is there anyway I can hard reset the mouse to factory settings. I even uninstalled ICUE and to no avail it didnt go back to what it used to be. I clicked the button on the bottom which seemed like a hard reset but that also didnt do anything. It literally did nothing the mouse didn't seem to respond.
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