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Powering a 2080ti, Missing original cables.


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Hello, I bought a computer as it was built(missing a graphics card) off someone over a year ago and I didn't know to ask for the remaining uninstalled power supply cables. I don't think that these were something I was given and I don't want to trouble him to find them.


I recently got a graphics card that takes 2 8pin PCIe cables.


I have a Corsair RMx 850 power supply.


Are these a set that would have come with the power supply?:



EDIT: Just realized through package contents that these appear to be just two 8 pin to 6+2 pin cables, not a full set, ergo exactly what I need. Still confused what the cable below is. Will probably order one of these.


Is this just one 6+2 PCIe cable?:



Presumably I just need to buy 2 of the single cable. The pictures are confusing they seem to show 2 cables and only one end of the cable clearly. Does anyone know how long it is?


Sorry if questions seem obvious. New to most of this.

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Any "type 3" or "type 4" cable will work for you.


It's really too bad that they can't put the length of the cable on the product page. But IIRC, they're the same length as stock PCIe cables (600mm?). Unless they say they're "SFX", like for the SF Series PSUs. Then they'd be much shorter.


The two you linked look like full length cables.

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