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Wake from sleep crashing laptop


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Hi all,


I just received a new Legion Y740 laptop and everything was fine until I received a prompt to upgrade to the latest version of iCue and firmware for my built in keyboard and proceeded to upgrade. I then had trouble waking up from sleep about 50% of the time. I now installed an earlier version and will be testing to see if that resolves the issue.


My question is: Do I need to do something else besides the software to revert my firmware and has this worked for anyone else?


I don't need all the fancy lighting, so in a worst case scenario, could I use something else to just light up the keyboard for visibility and get rid of iCue completely? I uninstalled it and I just get the swirling rainbow. A solid color would be fine all the time as I would rather not have to hard reset my machine every other time it goes to sleep.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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