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onboard profiles problem


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Hello corsair user forum,


I have the following problem:


I had created three onboard profiles and at some point I wanted to overwrite one. However, neither the "clear" nor the "overwrite" options would do anything. I read somewhere that I can try to do a soft reset of the keyboard, so I tried to do that, but there weren't any flashing LEDs as stated on the directions. Finally I decided to uninstall and then install the icue software again (I did that with the keyboard still connected, maybe it was a bad idea :sigh!: )


And now after re-installing it, I am getting the issues shown on the screenshots.


The first screenshot shows the interface when I first open the software. The second one shows what happens if I tried to overwite one of the profiles with the titles in gibberish.


Any advice will be much appreciated :roll:



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Go into the iCUE Settings -> General and toggle the language to something else and back to English. That won't resolve the save issue, but I am curious.


Open up your C:User/(name)/App Data (hidden)/Roaming. There will be a Corsair folder. Copy it to the desktop.


Go into the Windows Settings -> Apps and uninstall iCUE again. This time, select the delete my settings or "don't keep my settings"- however it is phrased. Reinstall again. This time you will have no saved settings and all your data is gone. See if you can save a simple color scheme or whatever you were trying to do.


If successful, you can now try dropping the old settings back into place. Quit iCUE. Go back to the App Data/Roaming location and drop that old Corsair folder back into place. If you want to be clever, you can cut the "clean slate" Corsair folder out and stick it somewhere else in case you need it. Once the old Corsair folder is in place, you can restart iCUE and all your settings are back.


It's not clear if the problem is rooted in some specific file corruption, but this should get you the save without tossing everything away. If you just have the one profile and not a lot of saved actions or valuable data, you can clean slate wipe and start over without the copy and paste game. Also, your keyboard is a K70 RGB MK.2. The Corsair names are very repetitive, but there is a distinct difference in the save mechanics between this and a "K70 RGB".

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Hi c-attack, thanks for the suggestion.


I was aware it was an MK.2 so either I didn't scroll enough or I was completely blind :roll:


Firstly the language change works. It needed a restart to take effect but that's usually the norm (or not?).


So the copy-paste method didn't work. I get exactly the same issue as seen in the screenshots of my post. Just to clarify, I was supposed to copy it to the desktop, not cut it and move it.


I didn't have any important stuff there, just a few RGB profiles, no complicated macros or anything. So I can do the clean slate wipe you mentioned (bit of a noob here so I will need directions on that, I take it is not a simple uninstall).


Many thanks again

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