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Problem with mic volume


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Hello everyone,


I'm having trouble with my mic level being way too low.


So I guess it started when I changed my ram. I had 2x8Go ballistix ram, and I bought 2x8 Go Vengeance Lpx. From the moment I installed them, My friends told me they had trouble hearing me through discord. I've tried everything, switched USB ports, checked if the inputs levels were set at 100, which they were, updated my BIOS and my drivers, updated ICue, but nothing worked. I then thought my microphone just died (I had a corsair vengeance 1500 V2). I bought a new headset (Void RGB Elite USB) thinking that would solve the problem. It didn't.

So now I have a new headset, and still a low microphone volume.

Can you please help me?

Can the ram have had any sort of impact on it? That's the only thing I changed, and before that everything had been fine for a year and a half.

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