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Corsair Virtuoso SE EQ settings for gaming


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Hello, hope everyone is well during these horrible times.

I’m new here and just purchased my first Corsair products....

I’m more of a Console gamer than a PC.

I play a lot on the new call of duty modern warefare/war zone game for PS4.

After reading reviews, both good and bad I have decided to purchase the new Corsair Virtuoso SE headset.


My question is, can anyone please advise me the best eq settings for this sort of game please (call of duty, battlefield etc)? I have done a lot of google searches online and only been able to find a couple of links.

I thought it would be best to ask you guys the question as a lot will have experience with this headset.


Secondly I also purchased the Corsair RGB headset stand not knowing this wasn’t compatible with the PS4 and only PC (Again some websites seem to give The wrong comparability information) . Truthfully after recently renovating my gaming room, I was more after the stand for the RGB lights. Will the lights on this stand work if it powered by the USB from the PS4 or by the usb from the stand using a wall plug with the recommended output for the device?


I hope your able to help me.


Thanks very much



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Hey Kintruff88, I actually put together a thread that some members have contributed to with their own EQ's. The link is below:




I wouldn't recommend a USB charger as their amperage can vary. A powered USB hub would be more suitable. The stand should light up after a minute of being connected to the powered USB hub.

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