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HS70 Pro Wireless no battery info, firmware, sidetone issue


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There's no battery indicator anywhere for my new HS70 Pro Wireless headphones.


Even iCue settings is just blank next to "status / battery"





I expected there to be some way to check the battery level such as pressing the power button to have it spoken which many other headsets do. Seems odd to have no battery level info on an otherwise seemingly high quality headset.


There is also an issue where sometimes sidetone will remain on when the mic mute button is pressed. Then when the mic is unmuted sidetone will turn off. The only way to turn sidetone back on is to move the sidetone slider in iCue settings. This is a highly irritating bug!


Firmware is also at v0.01 which seems suspicious, is that the latest version?

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I am having the same monitor/sidetone failing to turn off when I turn off the microphone.


I think that's a great suggestion as well, a single button tap on power currently does nothing, a battery voice would be very useful.


I have the same firmware, and it seems to be the latest (according to this thread from Dec 2019 https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=192143)


I also have the same software version of 3.28.70


My battery shows under the "dashboard" area, I had to add the battery status as it was not initially displaying.


So we share the same software and firmware versions, but I'm only getting some of the same issues.



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