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h100 platinum RGB not working unless iCue is open


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I just built a system with LL120 fans, as well as h100 platinum cooler. The LL120 fans work without issue, but the h100 fans and cooler RGB lights only work if I have iCue running, and click on "Hardware Lighting". Then, the RGB works without any issues. But the second I close iCue, I get nothing.


The way I have this setup is, I currently have the LL120 fans connected to the RGB hub, and I have the h100 fans connected to the cooler. If I try to plug in the RGB cords of the h100 fans into the RGB hub, then I get the same problem mentioned in the first paragraph, except the fan RGB's don't light up at all (only the pump RGB).


Any suggestions on what is wrong here?


Edit: I forgot to add, on startup, the h100 pump and fans RGB will be lit, and set to the lighting effects I changed in iCue. However, the LL120 fans will just be set to default rainbow wave. When I log in to windows and iCue boots up, the h100 rgb turns off, and the LL120 fans change to their custom lighting settings.

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