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Fans lights don't sync in game


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I have looked for an answer to this and can't find it. Apologies if already asked and answered. Normally, all my RGB devices light up just fine. However, when I play a game that supports ICUE sync, the fan lights turn off. They still spin, but they don't light up. As soon as I exit the game, back to normal.


All devices are Corsair. They are:

Strafe RGB Mk. 2 Keyboard

M65 RGB Elite Mouse

MM800 RGB Polaris Mousepad

H110i GT CPU Cooler

Commander Pro (3 light strips and four SP120 RGB PRO series fans)

AX1200i PSU

Lighting Node Core for the fan lights

ICUE 3.28.70

Windows 10 Pro 18363.815


All firmware is up to date. Any help is appreciated!

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Currently the game integrations are a little out of date for these titles.

The Lighting Node Core was released AFTER the titles you've listed were released and as such do not currently support it.


My apoligies for this issue, I am working to fix it, but at the current time cannot provide an ETA.

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