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Replaced memory doesn't match my existing


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I got my replaced memory in a few days ago.


The problem I have, is it is one of two that were the same, and running in dual-channel mode.


Now, my INTEL board says "memory type mismatch"

"memory must be the same to run in dual channel mode"


I never had a problem with this before.


Guys... yes its 512mb of memory. But its not working as it ought to.


I'm lookin for a bit of help here....

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I've got an INTEL mainboard, 865GBF, fully updated bios, fully updated drivers, fully updated WinXP,sp2. Running 1gm memory (two of those VS512MB400 modules) in dual page mode with a P4 3.2gHz processor. Using the boards build in video and audio and lan. No other cards on the motherboard.


Same setup?


Can you be a bit more specific about your last post?

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I got an RMA, and sent the bad module in. It definately tested "bad" with Memtest.


Time passes... I get a replacement in my UPS delivery. VS512mb400 looks like a new retail package.


I now have memory in slots 1 and 3 in my mobo.


At boot time, I get an error. Something like (paraphrasing here)... "Memory type mismatch" "Memory must be the same to run in dual channel mode"


I tried clearing the cmos/bios memory. It cleared ok, but I still get the same message. The machine sees the memory. Cmos reports "single channel mode" and shows 512mb in slots 1 and 3.


The machine USED to run in dual channel mode, when the first two memory sticks I got at the same time were both ok.


For the heck of it, I tried slots 1 and 2 on the mobo. I get a different message. It says (paraphrase)... "Dual channel mode is possible when using the same type of memory in slots 1 and 3" (or maybe it was A and C... it was earlier this evening when I tried it.


So... I'm at a loss. Can what they sent me be "the same" yet different?

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Both are VS512MB400


And, I got it working by swapping with a third stick I got at the time of purchas of it all... for the wifes machine. She's now got the single stick that you sent me, works ok in her machine, her stick does dual channel with the other existing one.


I'm guessing there must have been a chip change along the way sometime... although I got those sticks back in November 04 from PCProgress


Question: In the future... is this something to watch out for? Ie, do I need to send BOTH back if only one is bad? Nothing wrong now, just curious.


Many thanks RamGuy!



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I dont think you understand here.


Neither module is "failing" now. Both work fine. Previously, they ran in dual channel mode. One did fail, and it was replaced. Now it wont run in dual channel mode with the one that didn't fail. Memtest shows perfect on each one, but the Intel mobo says they're unalike and refused to go into dual channel mode.


I had a "third" stick in another machine that I got at the same time as the other two. Swapping stick 3 with the replaced stick got the machine to run in dual channel mode.


So you're saying I could have sent in the bad stick only (which I did) but then what got sent back was not compatable with the extisting stick (that was formerly compatable).


Assuming I did NOT have the 3rd stick available (in the wifes computer) what would have been my options?

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