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Mutli devices input peripherals


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Hi! :)


I am updating my home and office computers in terms of hardware, usage and operating systems.


That said, I want to be able to use an office laptop computer, a video editing / gaming desktop computer and a smartphone with a high quality / efficient / comfortable keyboard and mouse couple.


For that usage, it seems that K63 wireless keyboard is the one I need:

  • switchable between computers
  • efficient with USB cable and mechanical swiches for gaming PC
  • comfortable with mechanical switches and TKL for office


That said, I can't find a mouse with this kind of "device switching" hability.


Some criteria have to be listed:

  • I want to be able to use this input peripherals couple without a "master" computer. It should be able to work with a computer regardless others are running or not (hardware device switching, not software).
  • I want to be able to use this input peripherals couple on heterogenous operating systems: Windows 10, Android and Linux (or even BSD) for now.


The question is: is there anything Corsair able to match this usage?


Thank you. :)

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