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corsair h100i rgb platinum SE RPM Issues on one fan


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Hi all,


I have just installed a brand new corsair h100i rgb platinum se, this was my first time installing an aio but as far as i can see everything was successful, system posted and everything was running normally.


I already had ICUE installed for my RGB Ram, when i go into ICUE, it shows me that my Fan 1 is running at near max RPM Speed, while my Fan 2 is running a lot slower (as i would expect)


The issue i have, is that if i change the profiles, for example to quiet on Fan 1, it doesn't respond, the RPM stays the same, generally it is jumping up and down by 1-5 RPM every now and then. Any changes i make to Fan2 take affect, i set both fans to 0RPM mode and only fan 2 stopped, Fan 1 continued to hold it's current RPM.


I ran some further tests by setting up my own custom Curve. I also ensured that it was running against the Pumps Temps rather then the CPU package, but no difference was made.


I did a lot of searching online and came across some suggestions to ensure ICUE was fully updated & the same for the firmware of the AIO, both of these have been done but no difference made.


I then spoke to a friend of mine who is a bit more tech savvy, we opened up the case and changed the 3 pin connectors for the fans over, this made no difference.


We then changed the Connection for the pump's SATA power to a different SATA port, no difference.


We then changed the Pumps USB connector to a different usb slot, no difference.


Finally i switched the CPU Fan header to an AIO Pump header on my motherboard, no difference.


I am now stuck and ran out of ideas, as far as i can tell everything hardware wise has been set up correctly and nothing is obviously faulty.


I have attached a screenshot of my ICUE Performance Window, as you can see the pump temps are normal. IMG


The only thing i can think at this point is that Fan1 is faulty, but i would expect a faulty fan not to work at all, rather then max out RPM.


Any further suggestions would be highly appreciated, i would rather not have to send this back and install another one.


Other then this one issue, everything else works perfectly fine.

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So ... to clarify, when you switched the fans on the connectors, the issue "followed the fan" and not the connector?

If so and it's one of the stock (default) fans (I'm assuming it is), then yes, the fan is faulty. It's not responding to the PWM control signal.

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Hey Dev,


Yeah can confirm that the issue followed the fan and not the connector and yes it is the stock fan.


Looks like it will be a return, thanks for the snappy response :)

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