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K95 RGB platibum MX Blues - Double typing


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Hi everyone,


Hope you are all staying safe!


I bought a K95 RX blue as a graduation gift for myself in February. Overall I love the keyboard, but it has a weird persistent problem.


Some keys are double typing, and this began very soon after I got the keyboard. Over time, the keys which are most problematic for this seem to change. I searched the forums and was told to try compressed air in the slots, which did improve the issue a bit, but it came back. I then took all the keys off and cleaned them along with the board, and this again helped, but it came back.


I then tried WD40 in the slots of the most problematic keys, and this helped a lot, but the issue seems to be gradually creeping back in - it didn't happen at all for the first week or so, but now I see it happen once or twice a day.


However, I have checked extensively using switch hitter, and there is absolutely no sign of actual key chatter.


What should I do? I am very tempted to just RMA the thing at this point, because I spent a lot of money on it and it annoys me that it doesn't work properly. Is there any possibility that this could be caused by me typing too hard? I have always been very heavy-fingered on keyboards.


Is there anything else I can try? I have turned the polling rate down to 125 in ICUE.



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