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Hi everyone,


I need some help.

How would I go about wiring in 10 QL120 fans in my Lian Li 011D XL?


I'm planning on using 1 lighting node pro and 2 lighting node cores to wire in all the RGB.

How do I get PWM power to all 10 fans? I'm thinking about fan splitters but I don't know how that will affect customizability for fan curves and all that.



Any tips? All help is welcome.

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Unless I'm completely missing the point, the LN Pro and LN Core aren't going to provide the PWM power the OP is chasing, LN Pro offers 2 LED channels to something like an RGB hub, and LN core is RGB lighting controlled via USB instead of an LED channel.


For PWM 3 options come to mind:

1) PWM fan headers on your motherboard, but I doubt you have 10 of those free. Possibly you can use fan splitter cables, but watch your power consumption carefully.

2) Corsair Commander Pro. This will give you 6 PWM headers. Again, splitter cables can work, generally never more than 2 fans per connection, and no more than 8 total.

3) Powered PWM fan hub. I have seen 8 and 10 port versions of these. This is how Zotty powers his wind farm :-)


Probably other options I haven't thought of.

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