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Possible Fix: Void Pro Wireless Headset mute broken and stuck on mute


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Hi All,


I bought this headset on back in 2017, its currently on its last legs. Recently the mute button stopped working and annoyingly it got stuck on mute.


I googled and found nothing, so I thought I might as well give it a go fixing it.


With no experience of this at all, I got it working by doing the following:


1) Open the headphone, with a screwdriver (the side with the mic)

2) Undo the screws holding in the circuit board

3) Push through the volume dial allowing you to lift the circuit board from the case. (Be careful not to break any solder holding the wires)

4) On the other side of the circuit board, there are 2 buttons, one is the power and the other is the mute button. Manually click the mute button.

5) Reassemble

6) all working :)


If it was still under warranty, I would have gone for that route; however, this headset was useless in the state it was in so I thought might as well give it a go.


This is not advice or a tutorial, this is sharing my own experience.


Good luck

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