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HS70 Pro and Discord issue while in game.


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I have bought recently HS70 Pro and I'm having a very strange issue, that I haven't encountered before. If I am on an Discord voice chat server and load a game while in game, the mic in discord stops working, while I can hear other people normally. When I alt-tab out of the game it works again. It seems that the game is taking over the mic control from discord not matter if it has in game voice chat or not. This was not happening with my previous Vengeance 2000, nor is happening now with a standard analog mic.


I've tried windowed mode (still when the focus is on the game, the mic from discord is gone) and also disabled the exclusive control of the HS70 mic from the sound settings, with no luck. Also I had mute/unmute the mic while going back from desktop to the game, just in case. I ended up using the analog mic combined with the headset.


After some testing it seems that the issue is the ICUE software. If I close it the mic is working correctly in discord while in game. The strange thing is that if I load the ICUE after that, the mic still works. If I restart my PC, it's all over again. No mic on discord while in game. So there is a workaround but not that optimal.


Is this a known issue?

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Sum it up after more testing
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