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iCUE issue with K95


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Hello everybody!


Yesterday I bought my new keyboard K95 Platinum and was all happy about it, until the volume wheel issue came up! I thought of returning my keyboard and get my money back, but I wanted to make sure that the problem is from the keyboard itself.

After 2 hours of testing I figured out that the iCUE software is the main issue not the keyboard!

I closed the app and used the volume wheel for about 5min scrolling it up and down to make sure its from their app and I was right.

I launched the app again and scrolled the volume wheel, after few seconds the laggy volume (up or down) pops up. How do I fix this problem? I need to app to customize my own RGB lighting for my RAM, Headset and Keyboard.

does returning to the old version of iCUE solve it? If so, how can I find the old versions?


Sorry for my bad English.

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