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Sidetone and mute button issues


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Hello, new to the forum here so forgive me if I mess up on any rules about posting :)


I recently set up a new rig and installed and updated windows, the newest version of icue, etc. I have a corsair void RGB black headset.


The issue is with my mic where i flip the piece up and down and its not muting it or telling me it's being muted. On top of that the sidetone just wont work. I can move the volume dial for it around and it won't pick up at all. I tried unplugging the dongle or uninstalling the icue software and all of a sudden BOTH will work. Discord won't seem to pick up my mic when it's installed as well it's just the most oddest thing ever.


I'll randomly hear, "auto shutdown initiated" on top of that too. It was working perfectly fine before, wondering if it's because of a specific version of icue. Is there a way to install an older version to test it out?



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