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Corsair H100i RGB Platinum waterblock not lighting up

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Hello everybody, sorry to disturb you with my incompetence:)


I recently got my H100i Platinum cooler and it looks awesome, but I have an issue. The main fans are lighting up white, but not the cooler itself. The cooler doesn't show up in iCUE neither.

My brother has the same cooler, so in an effort to make sure that it wasn't anything wrong with the micro-usb cable itself i used his and same result. I also tried using a standard usb-cable and the same thing happened.

I went into device manager and realized that my pc didn't recognize the usb-cable. It's a code: 43 error anf there isn't anything wrong with the drivers. Got any simple sollutions?


(BTW: I know there is people who's had the same problem as me on here, but I couldn't find any that fit my problem)

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