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LL120 - 1 out of 4 fans not fully funtional


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I recently went through the process of upgrading my computer. I have a Corsair 570X case in white so when I was part picking, I wanted to, in general, stick to the white route and get as many white things as possible, this led me to the Corsair Hydro 100i RGB Platinum SE.


Looking at the product I noticed it runs on LL120 fans so I made the decision to replace the front 3 (SP120) fans that came with the case with matching LL120s. In doing so I got a pack of 3 with the Lightning Node Pro and an additional single LL120 for the rear of the case to accompany the rest of the build. This is where my problem lies.


The front 3 fans, all from the 3 pack, are in slots 1-3 on the Lighting Node and are fully operational, both outer and inner lights are working fine. The rear fan, the one bought individually, plugged into slot 4 on the Node is functional and spins but the lights aren't all working. The inner lights are lighting and reacting to iCUE but there is no response from the outer ring.


I have tried putting different fans in different ports on the Node to no avail.


The H100i and it's fans are running through the modules built into the AIO so I think I can discount that causing any issues.


Is this a bug? Have I done something wrong? Is it because it was bought as an individual fan it doesn't work with the 3 pack? Or is it just a faulty fan that needs replacing?


Any help and advise is greatly appreciated. I've had the door on and off this case so many times in the past couple of weeks, I'd love to finally call the computer finished and just enjoy it!


Thanks again,


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No it should work and you set it up properly. Your description above suggests it is a problem with the fan. If you plug it into port #1 on the RGB Lighting Hub and it's still half lit, there is an issue with the fan. That may also cause the fans after it to blink out.


Fastest resolution is probably to exchange it with the vendor. However, you also can contact Corsair Support through the ticket system and make the same request.

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Thanks for the reply and the feedback.


Testing the fan on port one of the hub was one of the test I conducted. I wasn't sure if I was still doing something wrong so thought I'd check to save spending money if I didn't need to in/on a replacement.


I'll purchase a new one tomorrow and see how that goes.







lol... I just noticed... this wasn't my original post but the premise and the problem is the exact same as the one I have. I setup a thread earlier today and the issue is the same. the three fans that come with the case work fine. The single one i purchased for the rear fan works as a fan but the RGB doesn't. It has an inner light and and outer light only on a portion constantly on (Red and green). It's plugged into port four. I've tried it in all other ports. I've also tried it in port one alone and stil no resolve. It's odd that this has happened the same for us both. Do Corsair have a reputation for dodgy batches? is it a comander pro + iCUE programming issue?

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