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RGB issue Corsair 570x and hydro h150i pro rgb

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Hi all,


Wondering if you could offer some assistance please.


I have purchased the Corsair 570X case and the hydro h150i pro RGB cooler.


I swapped the RGB case fans onto the radiator of the h150i and connected it all up and the fans are spinning and working as normal being powered by the 3 way splitter attached to the cooler.


I used the original radiator fans as extra case fans and hooked these up to the controller and they are also spinning as normal.


I've downloaded both Corsair Link and ICUE but I cannot change the colours on any of the fans, none of them are illuminated.


The only thing I can control is the colour of the pump.


I've probably done something very silly here but I would really appreciate some advice on what to do to get the radiator lights working first of all.

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Those case fans aren't ideal for the radiator. They are DC controlled fans (3-pin) and the cooler needs 4-pin (PWM) fans. They'll work but they will always be at full speed.


You won't be able to change the colors on the fans in iCUE without a Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro. The case comes with a push-button controller; without an LNP or CP, that's what you'll need to use.

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Ah right.


Is that normal then that currently using the buttons on the 570X case or on the included RGB fan controller nothing happens?


The fans are on just not illuminated at all.


What would be the best solution? To get a pack of 3 of the LL120 RGB fans for the radiator and replace the RGB controller that came with the case with a commander pro?

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Thanks for that I did have a little read over it but I think its the multiple controllers and hubs that Corsair have that's thrown me off.


My case is the 570x Crystal.


Given the way I have connected it at the moment should I have any illumination at all even when using the buttons on the case or the SP lighting controller?


I took the 3 stock fans from the case and put them on the hydro cooler, they are hooked up to the cooler for power and the fan led controller with the other connector.


If I was to purchase the LL120 fan pack and replace the cooler fans with this plugging the fans into the RGB hub and then the hub into a Commander pro am I right in thinking this will allow ICUE control of the fans?


The small negative is that the case button for lightning control would cease to function and I wouldn't need the SP lightning controller anymore?

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most leave behind the button controllers and head for iCUE control.


and yeah getting a triple pack of LL fans and a Commander Pro would give you full control in iCUE.. this is the route i would take with that case... then look towards getting 3 more LL's to complete the Package....


one thing to note.. you want the AIO to control the fans on its rad.. this insures correct operation of your cooling system regardless of OS/software and indeed other hardware..




you have room in that case to run the H150 i push/pull config. you could use the fans that come with the H150i on the inside of the rad,,,






here is my 570X will 9 LL fans and the H150i (soon to be XT)







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