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Where do I find the old 1.3.3 firmware?

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I updated the firmware on my 2 SSD's Corsair Force GT 240 to ver. 5.05 using the SSD Toolbox. I now regret doing so as i am seeing a performance impact, especially on the read speeds.

I would like to revert using the Corsair Firmware Update Tool but where do I find the old 1.3.3 firmware?




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Update: Do not revert to an older firmware! I thought I killed my SSD!


After reverting to 1.3.3 and reboot it did not show up anymore.

The Corsair SSD Toolbox program refused to load all together and the Corsair_FieldUpdater_v1.1 did not see the drive anymore either.

A few reboots later the drive suddenly appeared again and i could update the firmware back to 5.05A using Corsair_FieldUpdater. All this time the toolbox program refused to launch.

As soon as firmware 5.05 was re-installed, the toolbox worked again and everything seems normal now.

Even overall performance is slightly better than what it was before i got into this mess :-)



Hope this helps someone from making the same mistake and loosing a whole afternoon!

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