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CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 - BIOS not changing timings and memory speeds.

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Hello everybody,


A few days ago a bought myself a new gaming rig with a set of CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 DDR4 modules. Ofcourse wanting to have my RAM clocked at the advertised speeds I changed the FLCK to 1600mhz and the memory speeds to 32.00 (default 21.33) along with some timings I got from the Ryzen DRAM calculator 1.7.0 by 1usmus.


So I imported my timings from Thaiphoon (full HTML report) into the calculator and booted up my BIOS to set the changes <Safe&Exit>. Now here is the problem. When I boot up and check CPU-Z the old timings and memory speeds are showing 1064.5 x 2 = 21.33mhz and 15-15-15-36-51-T1 these are the defaults so clearly the BIOS did not boot the system with the changes I made. I am trying for days now without any succes. Even only changing the FLCK and the memory speed without any changes to the timings do not work. When I boot back into the BIOS the timings I set are still there (even though not showing in CPU-Z), but the memory speed is back to it's default.


For now I will be using the X.M.P. profile, which DOES work by the way, But these timings are not optimized for Ryzen systems.


Does anyone had these problems before?






My system specs:


Ryzen 7 3800x stock


x570 Aorus Elite with the lastest BIOS F12f

RTX 2070S

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