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HX1200-NA PSU for use in the UK/UAE Market


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I live in the U.A.E. and have ordered the above from NewEgg.com. The PSU's I have used in the past have a switch at the back next to the mains-power input that allows you to switch between the US/UK 110v/240v power input. This one doesn't. It only comes with an American-style mains lead.


I have a UK plug already and connectivity from it to the mains isn't a problem, however, I'm concerned that the only test is for it to be connected and it works or big bang and reset of the mains power.


The product spec does say 100v-240v however it's good to be sure. Do these PSU's automatically switch and account for the input voltage? The PC is built, I'm ready to go! Thanks folks. :biggrin:

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