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VIRTUOSO RGB SE, Something loose in earpiece


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Hey guys,


I just received this high-end headset yesterday and was wondering if it's a feature to have something loosely clanging around in the right earpiece? Whenever I walk around with the headset on or move my head to fast there is a noise of something rolling around almost?


Other issues I've had on the first day on ownership,

The (1)(1)(1) issue,

My mic would not unmute or mute using the button on the headset,

CoD:MW had audio crackling when the announcer would speak and during menu music,

Audio "chop" at random intervals for a few seconds each time


:laughing: :[pouts:


Are Corsairs other products equally as troublesome? I was planning on looking into a few parts for a future build but this has me wary.



Lmaoooooo, I figured out what it is, it's the little switch between wireless mode and wired mode. The switch very cheap and wiggly, sad to know that is actually a feature. It couldn't have been terribly more expensive to make this tiny part more sturdy. It's just annoying to have to hear it.

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Figured it out/Added more issues found
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I bet you it's the on/off switch (the wireless/wired switch)

mine is a little loose and can make noise too, its also in the right side.


Haven't had any audio issues of any kind in my virtuoso se.


I had the (1) (1) bug but it deleted them and fixed ittself so idk

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