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Lightning Effect Start on Specific key


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Hi there,


I've purchased a K95 RGB Platinum 2 weeks ago and so far I've been very impressed with Corsair iCue software, very complete.


However, while trying to create a profile for Star Citizen, where I have multiple groups of keys with the same colors and groups that should activate under modifier keys I've noticed a feature missing.


When you create a "Lightning Effect", you have the option to set the "Start" and "Stop", which when I saw it I was really excited as I would be able to create the Modifier groups.

What I mean with this is activating a Lightning Effect when you press "Alt", "Shift" or whatever key you want, something I'm trying to do with a "Solid" Lightning effect, but as of now any key on that lightning effect will activate when you set "On key pressed", which is not the objective.


Considering that the software already does "Start" > "On key pressed" and supports "Play on pressed key", how haven't corsair engineering team thing of allowing people to select the key they want to activate this effect with?


As a software developer, you already did the hard work, implementing this is a freaking filter that can be added in 10 mins.


Also this has been requested 2 years ago and still nothing:



Come on Corsair! You can do better, this is a easy quick feature add that makes a world of difference, so we can have our keyboards RGB capabilities be useful other than just a RBG vomit gimmick.


Thank you.

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