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Corsair VS What should I do? It make me so sadly.


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I use corsair VS512MB400 x 2 and I run windiag (load from Microsoft Memory Diagnostic) I got lot of FAIL report. :(: (LRAND, Stride16 get FAIL always testing sometime VMAC or something like this.) I am not use memtest32 from memtest86 site to test yet


Why? :confused: I expected corsair is good enough ram to use but now i feel sad when i see many FAIL while testing. :[pouts: Evenif I don't get any problem from using XP or game, application. Anyone like me ? I use k8n neo4 platinum : mb


Should I claim this RAM ? :idea:

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Yeah! now i run memtest86 and i get many FAIL test (view from error report.) ...


test 4 : 5 error

test 7: 25 eror

test 9 : 2 error

other test no error.


I think bios setting not to aggressive really. I'm not overclocker. Just simple user. I worry about this because i have exp about installing xp on my old com. It has critical error or physical memory dump error always install. (i.e 0x000afa0, 0x00b100de, ....)


I will find out what happen again?



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From BIOS Setting.


CPU Clock : 1800

DDR Clock : 200

High Perf. : Optimize

Adjust CPU FSB : 200

HT Freq. : 5x

HT Width : d16 u16

CPU VID : 1.45

Voltage : 1.45

NF4 Voltage : 1.5


DRAM Timing Mode : Auto

Mem Clock : 200

CAS : 2.5

Other : Auto

1T/2T Memory Timing : 2T

Aggressive Timing : Disable



Now I test it again and still get error like this :

(From Screen Testing)


Tst : 7

Pass : 0

Failig Address : 00004ce88b8 -76.5MB

Good :2ebed94e

Bad : 2eeed94e

Error - Bits : 008000

Count : 11

Chan : 1


Report Error


Badram : 0x04ce88d8, 0x04ce88b8

Badram : 0x04ce88d8, 0x04ce88b8

Badram : 0x04ce88d8, 0x04ce88b8


Only 2 Hour testing I get 29 error. Assume 1 round = 9 testing. Every round i get error at Tst 7 always and sometime get error at Tst 4 or Tst 8 too. (Tst 7 about 23error, Tst 4 & 8 about 2error.) Oh! God Why? But my friend use kingston : KVRX64C3A (512x2) can pass any testing always.


First time i will buy kingston but i think corsair vs is USA ram so it could good ram (no fake ram). Any one have problem testing like me. (Evenif I still no get error from using many application,game but it make me worry something.) What should I do?

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