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iCUE profile will not start on system startup


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So I am relatively new to the iCUE family having just bought a Corsair Glaive Pro. And while I do like how relatively easy it is to set up a profile....mine just absolutely will not load on its own when I turn my PC on.


I have checked in the startup settings and even in the registry to make sure it is enabled, and everywhere I look it shows that it should be starting when the computer comes on.


The only thing I can think of that might be preventing it from starting as intended is that my keyboard (Strafe RGB) and mouse startup with my original keyboard color scheme that I made in 2016 when I bought my keyboard but was using a Logitech mouse then. But I cannot find the original file for that saved setting anywhere.


Anyone have any idea how to get the software to start as it should?

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Is your new profile at the top of the list in iCUE?


It's actually the ONLY profile listed. Which makes me wonder how when I never used iCUE before that the keyboard is still defaulting to the RGB theme I made over 3 years ago.

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i have this problem. when i check the registry it has "iCue Launcher.exe" set to launch.


except when you launch this program, nothing happens. even doing it myself manually doesn't do anything.


i changed it to "icue.exe" and it works fine.


though today it reverted back to icue launcher.exe and i had to change it again. dunno why it changed.

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So I've come here looking for a solution to the same problem.

as a relatively new member of the RGB community, I feel like it took me long enough to find which ecosystem to adopt. eventually decided to settle on iCUE because of some of the benefits that it offered. I also happen to have Corsair RAM which helped make the decision.


Now that I'm using iCUE I'm having the same issues.

My fix is at least easy enough. I just need to open and make active the iCUE window and profiles apply, but it's still frustrating. iCUE is running in the background, it should work.


Is it supposed to write the preferred profile to the hardware? Like in some non-volatile memory somewhere? My ASUS motherboard and my Wraith Prism can do it just fine.


Some reading here and here has shown that Corsair has known about this issue since mid-2018, and the problem has apparently been on their "fix-list" since then.


It's sad that we're still waiting for what should be a quick fix.


when you say " I Changed It", was that a new file you found and put in the others place OR did you just flat out change the name of the file?


Think maybe he meant changed the registry reference? I might try this myself and advise.

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