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Lagging profile selection on iCue for K95


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Currently I have 3 default hardware profiles for my K95 and 2 software profiles for all my assorted corsair products. An issue that has come up earlier this week has been that whenever I select a profile in iCue, my keyboard doesn't change appropriately. iCue displays the correct profile in the UI as to what I am suppose to see when I look at my keyboard, but its not displaying. Then when I click my second profile, the first profile is now displayed on the keyboard.. this loop continues if I were to click on one of my hardware profiles, the second profile would now be displayed and so on. There is always a one profile delay for whatever I want my keyboard to display. My mouse and mousepad are not impacted by this however and display accurately.


This has been a very bizzare error. I have confirmed that the firmware is up to date on all my peripheral devices and that iCue is also up-to date. Not really sure what steps to take at this point, open to any advice! I thought maybe it was something weird with Riot Vanguard since that is the only new software install I have made in the last 2 weeks but after I uninstalled Valorant and Vanguard there was no change.


Video can be seen here: [ame=https://youtu.be/XXaxSzoSqo4]Link[/ame]

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