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CoPro Install / Compatibility [HELP NEEDED PLZ]


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Hey Guys!


I'm looking for a bit of help here (I've googled & googled this, but am unclear)...


I have an Auros x570 Gaming Pro mITX mobo, and when I originally bought it, the specs say it has two fan headers in addition to the CPU Fan header. Well, one of those is dedicated to a SSD fan, and completely unusable for anything else. So, I hooked my 3 Noctua fans (which are 2X NF-A9's, and one NF-A14) into the Noctua supplied splitters, and have had no issues w/ them running. I also have a Noctua NH-U14S CPU cooler - which might be what's causing the bulk of the noise, but I'm still troubleshooting.


My issue, is that I can't independently control the 3 Noctua fans independently - whereas originally, I had planned to split the 2 NF-A9's pulling air into the case on one header, and control the NF-A14 on a separate header exhausting air. So, I picked up a CoPro, and have yet to install it, but I did just install iCue to further determine my options.


Here's where I could really use your help...


W/ my Ryzen 3700X, the CPU fan keep jumping in idle, and my hope was through more control overall (and with the use of hopefully better software), I could resolve this.

  • However, I'm wondering if I should plug the CPU fan into the CoPro, or keep it plugged into my CPU Fan header. I know that I lose the warning, but I also lose the ability to better control it.


  • Additionally, if I were to keep it plugged into the CPU_Fan header, is there any way for iCue to control it? Or do I need to keep SIV (Gigabytes fan software) also installed, which would likely conflict? I know I can adjust settings in BIOS as well, but that's a pain while troubleshooting noise in real time.


  • Finally, can iCue control my EVGA 2080ti fans? I couldn't seem to find anything on this.


Ideally, I'd have one software handle all fans, and I'm open to options on how to go about this.


I really appreciate any help I can get before installing this, finding out it doesn't really work as intended, and sending it back.

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Simply everything that is not connected to the CoPro is not controllable from iCUE.


So if you don't want your CPU fans to jump up and down, you need either to set a better custom curve into BIOS or connect them to the CoPro. As far as you already picked up a CoPro I'd lean toward the second option, as CoPro and iCUE give you a bunch more options than BIOS... for example you can use the 4 thermal sensors that come with it, place them in strategic points and create your own custom curve based on the sensors readings. Usually it's far better than basing it on CPU temperature, as in Ryzen CPUs it goes up and down very quickly.


No way you can control the VGA untill EVGA cooperates with Corsair (see this post: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=194302).



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