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Multiple Virtuoso headsets appearing with (1)(1)(1) etc

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Everytime a new headset appears randomly a new (1) is added to the name.

I'm now up to 6 (1)s. Eventually the second headset disappears, but the (1)s remain.

Is there a way to rename/remove the (1)?


P.S. All software and firmware is up-to-date.



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HAHAHA if thats the only issue you are having at the moment consider yourself very lucky.


That was the first issue I had a few months ago, and every few weeks I get another issue added on the pile. These barely work at this point.

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I just had this issue, it also caused my mic to not unmute or mute using the button on the headset. What I did was uninstall the earphone and microphone device in "device manager" link to a gyazo image

then I restarted my PC, and removed iCue from my PC, restarted again and installed a fresh iCue from the website and then finally restarted one last time and plugged the headset in and so far it's been working fine.


Though, it's only my first day of ownership and I'm experiencing this. :(

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