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HS60 distorted bass


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i just bought a new pair of hs60

i went with those because i found them cheaper than the hs50 plus they had the surround feature that i was curious to try.

Plugged them in via jack first, played some music and they sounded much better than my old TurtleBeach x12s

i went to play with a friend and i realized that i need to plug them in via the usb adaptor, install iCue to get the mic to work.

So i did, but i noticed the sound was a bit different, played a bit with my friend and then decied to change the eq settings.

Copied somebody's eq settings from this forum and i played 30secs from sicko mode to see the differences and it seemed good.

I played some more and went to bed

Next day i was listening to some music and i start to hear something weird, the sound is not clear at all. when there are basses with other sounds on top of them it's all distorted. So i lowered the bass from the eq settings and that fixed a bit but the sounds still aren't clear.

i thought i had a faulty pair so i plugged them in my phone and they sound amazing, clear sounds, good bass ecc.

i can't fix this problem on pc i have searched on the web but i seem like the first one with this problem.

i'm starting to think i have a faulty adapter, i also plugged them in in different ports but the problem is still there.

sorry for any possible mistake, im just a 17 yo boy from italy :)

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