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Buzzing sound / Coilwhine in every unit?

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Hello Corsair forum users,


I was wondering if somebody knows if there is a bad batch of coilwhine boards.


I'm currently using a G413 Carbon red/black which i won with a Facebook post, but now i would like to get an RGB keyboard.


So i was looking around for a keyboard that has nice RGB LED's and looks awsome and is build decent. The board has to be from aluminum and the keys has to be PBT instead of ABS, or there must be an upgrade available for the PBT keycaps.


So i first went for the Huntsman Elite, and after connecting it to my computer, i noticed a massive coilwhine sound. At the end i tried 3 units and all of them had coilwhine... I had to look for something different.


So i noticed the Corsair K95 Platinum XT, perfect i thought. The looks are great and its solid. So i bought the board and the first thing i did noticed after i plugged it in to my computer, was the coilwhine... This time the coilwhine is less then the Huntsman one, but still audible and that annoys me. After trying 3 units of coilwhine boards i was done... I tried the old K95 version so not the XT version, and guess what... it has audible coilwhine...


I quit my mission for looking for a decent keyboard, because i dont think there is any decent keyboard without coilwhine and with PBT keycaps at this moment. So my question is, is there a bad batch of coilwhine units?


What i did discovered was, the coilwhine is audible on a different way with different colors. I tried different PC's and laptops to check if it was a fault of my computer, but that was not the case. Everytime the LED's were turned on, it was audible on every device. I bought the keyboard from different vendors and even a replace from Corsair.


I dont like the fact that there is no keyboard at this moment that has PBT keycaps with RGB and no coilwhine :[pouts:

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