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So I am trying to figure something out that has me completely stumped. I really hope this wonderful community of Computer enthusiasts who may just know more about this than myself, can help me out here.


So I recently went out and bought myself the "newer" K95 RGB Platinum XT keyboard... Now I know that their software allows you to now integrate your Stream deck into the "G" keys on the side profile, or the other "blue keys labeled 'S' keys..." BUT; here's the issue I'm running into. So I obviously want to make my own custom fan setup which I already have made through my Corsair Commander Pro...


So in short let me stop blabbering and get straight to my issue.


In order to allow myself to have the option of having the Stream Deck side key buttons operational, I have to go into the settings profiling and enable the "SDK." OTHERWISE it will not allow me to integrate my iCue software with 3rd party software right?


But my issue here is that my lights on my computer and such are apparently being controlled by something else, some 3rd party application, I don't know if that's my HUE lighting or what... but it tells me that "Lightings are Disabled" "Lightings are exclusively controlled by third-party application; To explicitly disallow third-party application to control the lightings use "Enable SDK" option in settings."


Well I don't want any third-party applications to run my lighting for my computer, and in fact as I stated, I'm not even sure which software or application is running my lighting... (Third-Party application that is)


So how can I keep the "SDK" function enabled so that I can use the Stream Deck's functions, but still retain my lighting elemental profiles that I already pre-made...?


Can someone please help me out here! Please! I really want my keyboard and fans to be the lighting that I make them, not this oddball color that it is currently. It's hideous right now... Hopefully this all made sense and someone can help me out. Thanks.


Edit* So in short I'm asking if I can keep "SDK" enabled and not use whatever Third-Party application is controlling my lights... Thanks.

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There aren’t that many integrated software programs working with the SDK. Most are games, have specific enable/disable toggles in the game settings, and you would surely make the connection rather quickly. The one not so obvious is Wallpaper Engine. Are you running that?
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So as a matter of fact I am. And I narrowed it down to that. And one day. I thought I had this whole problem figured out and solved.... And I thought, okay it's my wallpaper engine that's causing it to integrate my SDK, and change it so that I can't use my custom iCUE lighting components.


But now whenever I go into my "Wallpaper Engine" And disable it, or uncheck the box to the iCUE software... it doesn't allow me to use my profiles yet again. It's still somehow overriding it; and I don't understand this...


Can you give me any help or steps as to what I can do so that whenever I start up my computer and the wallpaper engine starts (through steam); that I can have my profile through iCUE start as well?


Like is there any solution to this? Because I've literally unchecked everything for the iCUE software in the wallpaper engine under the "plugins" tab... and that doesn't work, and I completely uncheck the box, so that it SHOULDN'T technically interfere AT all with my iCUE software, but than I have absolutely no lighting on my keyboard or my corsair fans being controlled from my Commander pro...


I just don't understand this logic, or what I need to do in order for my PC to start up and have my Wallpaper engine not interfere with my iCUE's software and lighting effects.


Can you please help me out here

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