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Ideas for non-posting HP OEM Asus K8N8X-LA


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Hi RamGuy! (and crew). Hoping you guys can help me out with this, as I'm a little perplexed.


Bought a matched set of TwinX XMS3200 RAM (XMS3202v1.2). One of the sticks reported major issues during a RAM test (tested matched pairs, single, and both slots, it was always the same stick). So, Corsair was fantastic - got it RMA'ed back, and received the new stick today.


I popped it into the box, powered it up...and nothing. Won't even POST. The system is an HP Pavilion a642n (OEM'd Asus K8N8X-LA) stock except for a BFGTech 6800 OC.


I can run the box with one stick of either the 1.2 RAM (old) or the new stuff, which is a XMS3202v3.1. But for some reason they aren't playing well together. The 1.2 sticks worked fine together, so I'm thinking perhaps something isn't happy between the revisions - but that doesn't make much sense.


Anyhow - since this is the wife's computer, any help is much appreciated. She's eagerly awaiting the return to a full gig of memory so WoW doesn't keep slowing down during swaps. <g>


Thanks guys!



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