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Void Elite RGB Wireless WHITE BUG when power off and back on


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there's a WEIRD bug on the void elite RGB wireless that makes the WHITE color turn kinda blueish when you turn the headset off... how it happens is simple


1. set WHITE from the preset colors as solid color in your void elite RGB wireless.

2. turn OFF the headset.

3. turn it back on.


iCUE will still show the color as WHITE but in fact the corsair logo on the headset is blueish


even after updating iCUE to the latest version the bug is still present.


video explanation here:



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I would recommend you reach out to our support staff by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com


reached the support, got an RMA but the problem persists even with the latest iCUE (3.29.110) how can i report a firmware bug?


(i know it's about RGB and not actual performance, but it honestly triggers me a lot cause i wanted white on my headset to match my color scheme lol)

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