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680X Bottom Intake with Downward GPU


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I am hopefully going to start building soon using a Crystal 680X and a 2070 Super. When mounting the GPU horizontally the fans face down, and I am concerned if I place intake fans on the bottom of the case, they’ll be blowing dust straight into the GPU. I will of course clean it regularly, and while I can’t place it on the desk I am going to put it on a raised pedestal to hopefully cut back on dust, but does anyone have any other tips, ideas, or experience with this?


I’m hesitant to take apart the GPU for cleaning regularly, and vertical mounting does not appeal to me because the bump in temperature would kind of negate the extra case fans. Any way to affect the amount of dust without reducing airflow too much? I thought about looking into doubling up on a filter at the bottom but that would reduce airflow as well, could make the bottom exhaust but I don’t want hot air cycling back into the case, or could do vertical with a bracket to move the card away from the glass but that’s another $100.


I’m tempted to just do my best to clean it regularly and not worry about extra dust, just looking for some wisdom. Also, does anyone have experience with GPU sag with RTX or other heavy cards in the 680X for a regular horizontal mount? Should I get a bracket or stand for that? Thanks for your help!

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