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500 Obsidian RGB SE HELP


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hey all,


noob here after some advice/help!


looking to build my first PC and decided this is the case i want! my only question is could these components fit within the case and actually provide gaming performance cooling together or am i fighting fire with fire?


my question is:


will a Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB, 360mm All-In-One Hydro CPU Coolerfit inside the case


along with a




either top or bottom fitment for either im not too fussed if they will both fit. ive seen videos where the H150i fits fine but i want some advice that i could get the waterforce fitted in the oposite position?


the measurements for them both are (if you need it),

AORUS - 240mm Radiator & 2x 120 mm Fan

H150i - 360mm Radiator & 3x 120mm Fan


now if they WOULD fit, is it a bad idea to have two radiators blocking up two large venting points? or would it be a viable solution for gaming and keeping the GPU and CPU and cool temps?


Huge thanks for your Advice and help!




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I started my current build in this case and my plan was a 360mm rad on the front and a 280mm up top in a HydroX solution. The wisdome I saw on here suggested that a 240mm rad up top gave more room to play, and I agree that that would have been easier, but I had no fitting issues with the 280 up top, it was tight, but definitely doable. I ended up swapping to a different case in the end, but not because of radiator fitting problems, I couldn't get the fans I wanted to support my theme.


I can see no reason why your H150i 360 at the front and the AORUS 240 up top wouldn't work. You won't fit the 360mm rad up top so you will have to do 360 at front and 240 up top, but it def should work.


And I see no issue with having 2 rads in those positions either. You will probably get best results if you set both of them up as intakes, and exhaust out the back with 1 more 120mm fan. What you want to avoid is having your front 360 as intake and then exhausting out the top through your 240. You will probably be better off pulling cooler air in from both the front and the top and pushing the warm air out the back.


I also looked at putting another fan on the top of the PSU shroud to pull more air in from underneath, but with my vertically mounted GPU I couldn't pull that off. Might work for you though.

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