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Corsair case fans compatibility with MSI MPG Gaming Edge x570 WIFI


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Greetings to all members of the forum,


I intend to make a visual upgrade on my PC and the


caught my attention.

As described in the specification, it also comes with the lightning node pro in order to connect the rgb part of each fan.


I happen to own an MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge WIFI motherboard, which has JRGB1, JRGB2, JRAINBOW1, JRAINBOW2 headers, but from what I see in my searches, most people suggest connecting it to JCORSAIR1 which unfortunately I do not have on my own motherboard.

1. Is it possible to connect the lightning node pro to one of the aforementioned headers (and which one would be the most appropriate) ? Or am I "doomed" to not being able to enjoy these RGB fans with my current set?

2. Also, if the lightning node pro is not able to connect, can the fans be directly connected to the jrainbow/jrgb headers instead?


It goes without saying that I afford enough system_fan slots.


I would appreciate your input on this matter.


The questions above may sound a bit too basic for most of the members, but please bear with me, since I am a newb on this matter and I am very challenged to find solid evidence that would lead me to safely buy and fully utilize this product.


Apologies also in advance for any duplication that I may not have detected.


Thank you

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