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MP510 versions and specifications


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Hello all,


I am trying to know the differences between the two versions of the MP510, with part numbers CSSD-F480GBMP510 and CSSD-F480GBMP510B.

Original version has 240-480-960-1920GB models and the "B" version only 480-960GB.

Link for the original version

Link for the "B" version


Full specifications for the "B" version are missing in Corsair web page but the overview shows that "B" version has a read speed of 2000MB/s while original version shows 3420MB/s, both for the 480GB model.


All vendors I found for this product show the "B" version as NEW, with same specifications and same price, but Corsairs says there is a big difference.


I contacted Corsair support and they are incapable of sending me the full specification list and just sent me, again and again, the link to the web page where the specifications are missing. They refer to what the web page says even if there is no list of specifications. And they confirm the read speed of 2000MB/s.


So my question is, what is the difference between those two versions? Does the "B" version have a 50% less read spead than the original one? Where are the specifications for that product?:mad::mad:


Thank you!

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This is crazy. Another email from Corsair:


"I do apologize but the information we have is the same information available on the website. For more specific information for CSSD-F480GBMP510B, this may help: https://www.pccasegear.com/products/49590/corsair-force-series-mp510b-480gb-m-2-nvme-ssd"


Corsair is referring me to an online store in order to know the specifications of one of their products (CSSD-F480GBMP510B)!!! What the hell is this? Doesn't Corsair have the specification for one of their products??????? :eek::eek:


I opened the link...


Corsair specifications: READ UP TO 2000MB/S and WRITE UP TO 3.000MB/S

PCCASEGEAR specifications: READ UP TO 3480MB/S and WRITE UP TO 3.000MB/S


They are even different!

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Finally, after 15 emails, Corsair confirmed that "B" version product has the same specifications than the original one and there is a mistake in Corsair web page.


I don't know if they intend to modify it or not...

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