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iCUE wipes all macro's from mouse


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I've got the Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB and it was working fine for a week or 2-3. Since last week I have this weird issue that all the side buttons stop functioning at random times and after inspecting the iCUE software it seemed that they were just deleted.


After googling for this problem I've came across a solution that involved repairing the iCUE software through 'Apps & Features'. Again a weird issue is that side buttons will work afterwards but with different keys assigned to them. I first have to open the iCUE software for it to restore the buttons I've mapped.


And the real pain in the *** is that I have to do this process multiple times a day during gaming sessions.


I'm running the latest v. 3.14 firmware and have tried clearing the onboard storage and remapping everything again, deleting and reinstalling iCUE and remap everything again but the problem still persists.

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