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Daethz Virtuoso SE Feedback


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Just thought i'd put in my two cents on current issues and issues to fix for a iterative improvement.

Corsair please make a iterative improvement to this product in the future, literally virtuoso 2.0 don't start a new product from scratch, because this is one of the best headsets on the market.



  1. When leaving a CoD MW match (like when a battle royale match ends) the mic's led turns on, off, green, off, red again, its weird, the voice does not alert me.
  2. The Driver just doubled my headset, I saw other people report this, I had a Virtuoso (1) & Virtuoso for a few minutes but it looks like it corrected itself, it seemed to have happened when I disconnected the wireless and before the thing fully reset to my pc speakers i turned it back on again causing it to freak out a little.

Things to Improve for Virtuoso 2.0:

  1. Puff up the earcups more, larger chunks of memory foam, do the same to the top of the set, because I can feel this on the top of my head, maybe like 20-33% more puff.
  2. Make the power button stiffer, because If I shake my head I can hear it rattle, it's slightly loose.
  3. Bluetooth, not to replace the wireless but in addition.
  4. Stronger/Longer range wireless, this is one thing the Steelseries Arctis is beating everyone else at, If you could some how give us a higher quality connection with higher data rates that would be better than more range.
  5. If your going to do multi-mics perhaps send both the normal mic and the bigger mic with the next SE, or send out a firmware patch to give the SE support for the small one & start selling them individually on your website.


All in all this is a impressive improvement over your void pro's but don't stop here you guys are nearly there, all of us want a go-to headset that's #1 in every category, perhaps make a more expensive premium model with the improvements I just suggested, it could easily compete/take over the market and give astro's the boot.

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