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Memory module problems

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I have a Corsair 256MB PC2100 module that was purchased in the summer of 2001 from MultiWave (http://www.mwave.com). This memory module has been running fine in the same PC since first installed. Recently, the computer start crashing which eventually progressed to the point that the computer failed to even reboot without crashing. I replaced the suspect memory module with a new module and the problem was resolved. The problem tracks the memory module when it is installed in different computers. I checked in the BIOS to verify that the memory timings were set correctly (133Mhz memory clock with auto for timings). The comptuer in question uses a Athlon 2100+ (266Mhz DDR) and a MSI or ASUS motherboard. I will need to double check if you need the model, since I don't recall.




john wilson

North Carolina State University

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