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Vengeance RGB pro lighting problem


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Hello all,


I am using icue v3.28.70, and recebtly installed 2x8gb of 3200mhz ddr4 rgb vengeance pro. The lightning works perfectly, however when I put my pc to sleep the ram lightning stays on. Here is what I have tried:



Enabling full software control

Disabling motherboard and gpu lighting softwares (msi mystic light, rgb fusion)

Using hibernate instead of sleep


None of the mentioned above work (obviously). The only options I have are to either shut down my pc and lose all my work or manually go into icue and set instsnt lighting to black before I put my pc to sleep, which - for the price I paid for the ram, is very tedious to consistently do. I understand that whilst asleep the psu still provides power to the ram, however not so long ago icue seemed to automatically disable ram lighting when asleep. This is how I know it is possible to achieve on icue's part.


If anybody has any other solutions, or can contribute anything useful, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. Thanks very much..


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I have the same issue. I have set the all lights off on the ram as a hardware profile though I am using a software profile while the machine is on. But the RAM seems to be forgetting the set hardware profile, leaving me with a random configuration when the machine is put to sleep.

My tedious solution for this is, when I want to put the pc to sleep, i have to click on settings in icue and turn off hardware control on the ram. You can they see the ram switch to whatever random effect it has inherited, before the actual set hardware profile is applied. After which i can set it back to software controlled and put the machine to sleep.

There seems to be some sort of underling issue with the vengeance ram as the forum has more posts with this same problem.

I just wish icue could periodically restore the correctly set hardware profile to the ram as the sticks seem to have a hard time remembering(bad pun)

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