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The Corsair Void Pro should be renamed the "Void Amateur"


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It's the software side that really lets this microphone down. Here are some of the issues I've had on the latest iCue & the latest Void Pro Firmware.


  • Headset will not warn me the battery is low and has suddenly turned off on multiple occasions
  • Headset will not automatically shut down when PC is turned off
  • Headset audio will not activate intermittently after switching on, unless I move the mic up and down multiple times to force the software to wake up
  • The LED lighting drains the battery rapidly, but when the PC is off and the headset remains on, the lights default to on
  • Headset will sometimes initiate automatic shutdown, even when I am clearly using my PC & there is audio playing on Youtube etc
  • There is no way to pick and choose what audio commands you hear. I have no desire to hear "Mic on" "Mic off" every time I mute & unmute the headset.
  • I can't disable the different audio presets, and these are easy to knock and accidentally change when picking up or adjusting the headset


Other than that, it's a great piece of kit and seems sturdy and robust. The software just massively lets it down.

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