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Product Request - Mousepad - Big Size - Qi Charging - Polaris


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Hello everyone,


I love the Corsair Eco-System and I only stick with it! I got full Corsair in every Category it is possible. Headset, Mice, Keyboard, Ram and much more.


One thing shocked me, I wanted a Big sized Mousepad (500mm x 1000mm) maybe with RGB and the best would be with Qi charging for my Darkcore RGB SE.


So why is there no big sized Mousepad with Qi and Polaris ? Have you ever thought about to engineer something like this ?


Because if you manage to make 2 Big Qi Charging Zones on the Mousepad you could release a Qi Keyboard.


So you basically only have 1 Wire (2 USB) to your mousepad. And you can Charge Your Keyboard your Mouse, maybe also your Corsair Virtuoso Headset (with a Qi adapter) on your Mousepad.


Doesnt that sound great?

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