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Corsair lighting node pro update issue


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Yesterday i installed 3 LL120 fans into my case i didn't realize i needed a fan splitter cable to make the fans actually spin so i decided to hook up the RGB to make sure that was working and connected properly. I connected everything and the fans RGB turned on no problems. The next morning i turned on the tower and the lights didn't start up with the computer. I went to the Corsair Link 4 program to see if i needed to update anything to see if that would resolve my issue and the Corsair lighting node pro needed an update. I started the update and the top fan in the lineup now has a blue light on but the update will not finish. it states that the update is at 100% and is waiting to detect the device. I have tried to restart my computer and unplugged the USB connector the the lighting node in an attempt to troubleshoot and neither gave me any results. If anyone any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it.



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