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Adding a new pump


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hey guys, so I built my custom water cool build with a 1000D

so my current setup, is 2 480mm rads, corsair xd5 pump, cpu block, and 2 gpus


Since the 1000D can take a mitx build into it, i was thinking of adding the xd3 pump/res that corsair has for sale.


should i disconnect one radiator and use that for the mitx? or run 2 pumps in 1 loop?


My current water loop goes from pump>cpu >gpu >gpu> radiator>radiator>pump

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Hi Buddy


I would run the ITX as a second loop so its not reliant on the main system running for its cooling.


i have a 1000d also.. single system/dual loop,


heres my thread on it




and here is another users thread that is dual system/triple loop




hope fully they may give you some idea's..


also i have a Discord server for Corsair Case owners and there is a fair few 1000d owner that hang out there.. might be worth the join.. link in my signature below.

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